Christian Evidences

There has never before been such a concerted attack on Christianity like the one going on today. I have posted a few articles from Apologetics Press here on the Example church page as an example of the great work these guys do in combating the attacks against the scriptures that are so prevalent today. If you want to refute alleged discrepancies, Apologetics Press is where you want to look. If you want to see mounds of evidence for the existence of God, the inspiration of the bible, or the deity of Christ, all of which are under attack by the scientific community at large and even by some religious scholars, Apologetics Press has the most comprehensive collection of articles and books they have published available online and in print. They also publish an easy to understand magazine for children, Discovery Magazine. This is a great resource, not only for children, but for adults who want to see some very interesting evidence for God.

I cannot say enough good things about the work that is done at Apologetics Press. If you like the few articles I have replicated here on this site, take a few minutes to look around their site: New content is added regularly, so visit often and subscribe to their RSS feeds.